Draw Wire Encoders

Linear measuring system for position detection. The right draw-wire encoder for every application. From precise to compact to robust and cost-optimized. Kübler offers a comprehensive portfolio based on different measuring lengths. In addition to all common interfaces, innovative features such as integrated inclinometers or redundant sensors make the difference. From analogue to fieldbus – draw-wire mechanisms can be combined with a wide variety of Sendix encoders according to customer requirements.

Linear Measurement Systems

Contactless position measurement suitable for the harshest environments. With a linear magnetic measuring system, the sensor system, also called scanning head or sensor, is guided contactlessly over a coded magnetic tape. You can choose between incremental and absolute sensors. The measuring system is insensitive to dust, chips, and moisture and resistant to many liquids and oils. Various interfaces are available for the respective applications. Measuring wheel systems from Kübler are the ideal solution for reliable speed measurement, position detection and length measurement in applications with linear movements. These are recorded rotationally via the measuring wheel with attached encoder directly on the surface of the material to be measured and converted into linear data. Integrated springs ensure the necessary contact force of the measuring wheel on the measuring surface for reliable measured value acquisition.

Inclination Sensors

Precise and reliable detection, measuring inclination angles in the range from 0 to 360° even in harsh environments. Kübler inclinometers can be used for any conceivable application. Their robust housing, high degree of protection and wide temperature range contribute to reliable and long-lasting operation. Their flat design makes installation flexible and simple. Their high accuracy is a special feature because it remains stable even in the harshest environments and with temperature fluctuations. So you always have an optimal and reliable measurement in your plant or machine.

Encoder accessories

Incremental Encoders

Absolute Encoders

Bearingless encoders

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