Pressure and Flow

We specialise in offering high-quality, pressure, flow and instrumentation products designed to measure and control the pressure, flow, and level of liquids and gases. Whether you operate in mobile hydraulics, water treatment, chemical industry, cooling systems, or any other field, our range of products is designed to cater to a diverse range of applications.

Actuated valves

We can provide a large range of electrically and pneumatically actuated valves and actuated valve packages. These include: <ul><li>Electric actuated butterfly valves, <li>Pneumatic actuated butterfly valves, <li>Electric actuated brass ball valves, <li>Pneumatic actuated stainless steel ball valves, <li>Nylon valves, <li>High pressure ball valves and many more...</li></ul> We have a substantial range of electric actuated valves and pneumatic actuated valves, all of which can be built on site or to your bespoke requirements or purchased "off the shelf" ready for delivery next day (stock dependant).


DIN valve connectors with fully over-moulded versions providing a high level of protection. Cable connectors are also called DIN connectors. In our range of cable connectors, you will find different variants of connectors that are mainly used for solenoid valves, pressure monitors, pressure sensors and flow monitors. All our connectors can be ordered as moulded to create a smooth and safe function. In addition, they are available in selectable cable material and length. If you want pre-contacted cabling, choose the products you find under DIN connector with, in built cable. Here you will also find pre-cabled Junior Timer connectors with or without protection circuit. With our complete range of DIN connectors from Molex, we ensure that you find the right product! <strong>Features:</strong> <ul><li>With or without LED and transient protection <li>Fully over-moulded providing a high level of Ingress protection <li>Cable material in PVC, PUR & PVC/CEI <li>IP67 moulded cable connector</li></ul>

Electric Actuators

Electric actuators are available in both quarter-turn and multi-turn designs. Whether you are looking for a cost-effective option, integrated intelligent controls, project-specific designs in either compact housing designs or actuator and gearbox combinations (for higher torques) we have a solution to meet your needs. European certified manufacturers Bernard Controls, Valpes, and Schischek produce high-quality actuators with torque outputs from 10Nm to in excess of 600,000Nm. With electric valve actuator models suitable for a safe area, ATEX zones and nuclear environments and for use in on/off, modulating / positioning and failsafe (both spring return and battery backup) operation. We can meet your requirements for ingress protection from IP65 to IP68, supply housings in all stainless steel and deliver specialist marine coatings with ACQPA certification for coastal and offshore installations. Many of the electric actuators are now also available with in-built intelligent operating control systems and with non-intrusive Bluetooth integration allowing the operator to connect, control and check the actuator via a phone or tablet.


Tecnoplastic manufacture a range of filters, available for general use, anti-bacteria, hot water(80°C) and chemical liquids. A range of cartridges are also available, to suit your needs, stainless steel AISI 316L, melt blown, wound yarn, polyphosphate. The Dolphin and Whale Filter range are available as single, double or triple in-line filters with housings in 5" or 10". The range is available as standard, anti-UV and the unique red Dolphin filter is suitable for media temperatures up to 80°C. <strong>Features:</strong> <ul><li>Non-toxic material in compliance with the ACS legislation <li>Consist in 3 pieces: head, nut and glass <li>Delivered already assembled with tool included</li></ul>

Flow control

Force Measurement

Gas safety devices

Handheld Measuring Devices

Hygenic pumps

The innovative HYGHSPIN series is ideally suited for many applications because of its structural design advantages. Enabling efficient, hygienic and optimally adapted production process for transporting viscosities in various industries. There is also, no need for an additional CIP pump, required for ‘cleaning in place’. Jung Process Systems twin screw pumps offer complete performance for all matters. See below how Jung's HYGHSPIN twin screw pumps compares to traditional pumps in CIP cleaning and product handling:

Level Measurement

Pigging Systems


Pressure Measurement

Process automation

Process Instrumentation

Solenoid Valves

Temperature monitoring

Valco Sensor Series


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