IDEAL INDUSTRIES, INC has made its mark by developing the iconic products and practical technology demanded by critical industries like data communications, aerospace, electrical, wire processing, automotive, construction and more. They're best known for their wire connectors, which have become the go-to standard for electrical connections around the world.

From its beginnings over 100 years ago, the IDEAL success story is propelled by their core family values expressed by their founder, J. Walter Becker. Since 1916, they’ve been family-owned and singularly focused on forging ideal relationships with their customers, their employees and their communities. Each generation of family ownership is expected to leave the company stronger for the next. Most important, the family stewardship of IDEAL ensures that their professional management team has the strategic alignment, resources and patience to grow and strengthen the company for generations to come.

They're focused on the markets that exist today, but they are also poised to serve the markets of tomorrow. IDEAL is a pioneer of easy-to-use innovations for a range of critical industries, striving to re-invent themselves and the industries they serve wherever they can.
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