Cable & Cable Accessories

Our range of cables cover all low and medium voltage applications. We keep in stock Panel Flex cable from 0.5sq up to 240sq ex stock as well as LSF Panel Flex and Tri Rated Cable.
As approved supplier for the range of Lapp Cables, we carry a wide range of Lapp Olflex in YY, CY and Silflex as well as Profibus cables.
cable and cable accessories

Blanking Plugs

Bootlace Ferrule Kits

400 pcs kit = 0.5 - 2.5sq 100 pcs kit = 4.0 - 16sq 225 pcs kit = 0.5 - 2.5sq twin 2750pcs = 0.5 - 6sq single & 1850pcs = 0.5 - 2.5sq twin

Bootlace Ferrules

Complete range of Cable Ends / Bootlace Ferrules 0.25sq up to 95sq. We keep both French and German standard colours in stock. Price shown is for 1 pack.

Bootlace Ferrules Uninsulated

Uninsulated Bootlace Ferrules for cables 1.0sq up to 35sq, available for express delivery worldwide. Price is for 1 pack. Pack sizes vary... 1.0sq, 1.5sq, 2.5sq = 1000 pieces 10sq, 16sq = 250 pieces 35.0sq = 100 pieces Need a Ferrule Crimper? - For Bootlace Ferrule Crimping Tools to suit - CLICK HERE

Braided Cable Sleeving

Our Braided Cable Sleeving from Iboco comes in a range of sizes to suit most applications. The TY Iboco Braided Sleeving helps protect cables from damage that could result in short circuits. TY10 is sold in 100 meter rolls TY20 and TY30 are sold in 50 meter rolls Price shown is per meter.

Brass Bushings

Our Brass Bushings are available in a range of sizes to suit most applications!

Brass Nuts and Bolts

Our Brass Nuts & Bolts are available in a range of sizes to suit most applications!

Brass Reducers

Complete range of Brass reducers available from stock.

Butt Connectors

We stock 2 ranges of Butt Connectors/Butt Splices for you to choose from - Klauke MNF Butt Connectors suitable for 6sq up to 300sq cables. The Kompress CS Butt Connectors range from 2.5sq up to 150sq. All our Butt Connectors are tin plated and corrosion resistant, suitable for temperatures up to 150 degrees Celsius.

Cable Banding

Demesne are stockists of SES Cable Banding PE6 & PE12 in 25M Rolls

Cable Cleats

Ellis Patents are world leaders in the design and manufacture of Cable Cleats. The 17 Series range of Nylon Cable Cleats from Ellis are London Underground approved. We keep the full range in stock for cables starting at 10mm diameter up to 51mm diameter, for express delivery worldwide.

Cable Cutting/Stripping Machines

Our range of cable machines cover a variety of cable stripping machines. We keep in stock Ergo Crimp Universal Assistant & Universal Stripper Crimper. Demesne Electrical are approved suppliers for the range of Zofre Cable Machines in Ireland.

Cable Entry System

The KDS Click Cable Entry System from Conta Clip for all types of cables provides you with outstanding versatility. It also saves you time while managing cables, especially for industrial trucks, crane systems and elevator applications

Cable Gland Lock-nuts

Full range of Cable Gland Lock-nuts available for express delivery.

Cable Glands

Our extensive range of Cable Glands are available for express delivery to any location worldwide. You will find complete ranges of SWA Cable Glands, high quality IP68 Nylon Cable Glands, ATEX Rated Cable Glands and glands for SY Silflex cable. All prices shown are for 1 gland. Cable Gland sizing charts available on request.

Cable Joint Kits

We stock the complete range of Filoform Resin Filled Cable Joint Kits to suit most applications and cable sizes - We also have the bags of resin separate to the Cable Joint Kits, see RESIN200, RESIN450 and RESIN1000 All parts available from stock for express delivery.

Cable Lugs

Our range of Cable Lugs start at 2.5sq right up to 300sq with varying size hole sizes. We have the correct cable lug for all applications. We keep the Klauke CNF Cable Lugs in stock, designed and manufactured to the highest of standards in Germany. We also stock the complete of cable lugs from Kompress. Both types are bell mouth lugs for easy cable insertion.

Cable Markers, Cable Labels

We stock a complete range of Partex Cable Markers and Brady Cable Labels so you have plenty of options when you need to I.D. cables. The WC range of Brady Cable Markers cover cables from 0.5sq up to 6.0sq, with full range of letters and numbers available. The PWM Brady Marker Books give you adhesive letters and numbers in a handy pocket sized book.

Cable Plates

We stock a complete range of Cable Plates so you have plenty of options when you need to I.D. cables.

Cable Sleeves Expandable

We stock the complete range of Cable Expandable Sleeves and the KP2 Cable Sleeve Expander Tool. The KP2 Sleeve Expander tool is suitable for A2 and A3 cable sleeves. The KP3 Sleeve Expander tool is suitable for A3, A4 and A5 cable sleeves.

Cable Sleeving

Need Heat Shrink?? - Check out our complete range of heat shrink tubing HERE…

Cable Ties & Bases

ties = 100mm - 770mm in black & white bases = 2way 19*19 & 2way 28*28 in black & white pack qty 100

Cable Trunking

Iboco Cable Trunking Demesne Electrical are stockists of Iboco Cable Trunking - 2M Lengths - Narrow Slot & Standard available.

Cold Shrink Tubes & End Caps

Filoform Cold Shrink Tubes & End Caps

Din Rail

Demesne Electrical are stockists of Din Rail , G-Rail, Slotted Din Rail & Top Hat Din Rail. Full Range available here

Flexible Conduits

Iboco Flexible Conduit Our range of flexible conduits offer complete cable protection both indoors & outdoors. Browse our range of PVC, Low Smoke Halogen Free & Liquid Tight conduits below...

Heat Shrink Tubing

We stock a wide range of Heat Shrink Tubing, available in all the most popular colours including Green/Yellow (Earth). We stock heat shrink tubing in 2:1 ratio, 3:1 ratio and also in adhesive heat shrink for applications where moisture may be present. All the DSG Canusa heat shrink is strong, flexible and resistant to common fluids and solvents, meaning peace of mind for you.

Ideal Connectors

The IDEAL series of electrical wire connectors are designed to deliver safe, dependable results in any application. We have the perfect connector for every operation, whether it's residential, business, or industrial. Wire connectors from IDEAL are designed for performance and dependability.

Insulated Crimp Terminals

Complete range of Insulated Crimp Terminals available for express delivery. All prices shown are for 1 pack {100 pieces}.

Klikseal Cable Grommets

Available from stock is some great products from TST of Sweden who design and manufacture high quality cable grommets and the revolutionary Klikseal.

Lapp CY Olflex

Demesne are stockists of Lapp CY Olflex Cable - Copper braided Multi-core PVC CY Cable For protection against electrical interference Suitable where a high degree of circuit integrity is required Where interference can prevent accurate signal transmission in low or medium voltage installations

Lapp Robust Cable 215C

ÖLFLEX® ROBUST 215C cables are screened control cables for flexible use and fixed installation for a robust mechanical use. They are for use in dry, damp and wet rooms. Under following to the indicate temperature range is an use outside possible. At room temperature they are increased resistant against acids, caustics solutions and certain oils, greases, waxes of vegetable, animal, mineral and/or synthetic basis

Lapp SY Silflex

Steel braided Multi-Core PVC SY Cable for additional mechanical protection. Available in Number coded or Colour Coded core identification.

Lapp YY Olflex

Multi-Core PVC YY Cable for a wide range of applications. Available in Number coded or Colour coded core identification.

Panel Flex LSF

Available in the following types; ZK & Z1-K H05ZK (0.5-1.0sq) = ECA rated H07ZK (1.5-120sq) = DCA rated H05Z1-K / H07Z1-K = CCA rated Please refer to our article for further information on LSF Cables -

Profibus Cable

Application range For fixed installation Maximum electromagnetic screening Dry or damp rooms Item nos. 2170233, 2170333, 2170820, 2170824, 2170826 are all UV-resistant

Cable management

Demesne Electrical are stockists of Clear Spiral Wrap in a range of sizes

Techno Electrical Connectors

Techno High Performance Electrical Connectors Protects from dust, water & high temperature pressurised water

Tekox Strip Connectors

100 Series & 1100 Series Body: Polyamide 6 V2 - Working temperature 110 °c Insert: nickel-plated brass - Glow-wire 960°C - Certified according to EN 60998

Thorsman Cable Accessories

We also stock a vast range of Cable Accessories - Thorsman Cable Accessories, Cable Clips, Galvo Band, Insulating Tape, Rawl Plugs Etc.

Tri-Rated Cable

Complete range of Tri rated cable available from stock. 0.75sq to 6.0sq - Price shown is for 100 meters 10sq to 95.0sq - Price shown is for 1 meter

TRS Rubber Flex

Demesne are stockists of TRS Rubber Flex H07RN-F, available in a range of sizes!

White Flex - Black Flex - Arctic Flex

Complete range of electrical cables and flexes available from stock. All prices shown are for 1 meter.

In addition we stock standard flex in black and white and blue and yellow arctic flex.
We also stock a vast range of Cable Accessories - Ferrules, Glands, Lugs, Markers, Trunking, Sleeving, Ties, Din Rail Etc.
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